Do I have to be a music student or professional musician to join?

No. We have part-time musicians from all walks of life - teachers, IT professionals, accountants, students and more. But we all share a love of concert band music.

What are the requirements/age limits?

You need to be a Canadian Citizen, age 17 to 53, with a minimum Grade 10 education.

How well do I have to play my instrument?

We expect a level equivalent to Conservatory Grade 6 upon entry. (Note that Grade 6 is a high school credit.) You will then be provided the opportunity to study and improve on your instrument.

What does it cost to join?

NOTHING! In fact, we pay YOU! Once you have been enrolled, you will be paid for every rehearsal, every performance and every training day. All costs are covered, including travelling, accommodations and uniforms.

How does the Tuition Reimbursement Plan work?

We will reimburse you 50% of your tuition, books and other costs, up to $2,000, for each completed year, for up to 4 years for a maximum total of $8,000. Military requirements include completion of Basic and continuous service during that year. You can apply upon completion of each year.

What summer employment opportunities exist?

Aside from your initial Basic, you can attend the School of Music in CFB Borden in Ontario. Positions are also available in the Band of the Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa. Additional employment opportunities include leadership courses, and there are also positions as instructors both at the School and other training facilities for qualified members.

Will I have to/get to go to Afghanistan/overseas?

As a member of the Reserves, you will not be required to go overseas. However, you could apply to do so if you wish. You would be required to commit to additional intensive training, as well as the tour itself.

What if I have a school or work conflict?

As a part-time Reservist, our military responsibilities are tempered by our civilian commitments. However, we expect you to treat this as you would any other job, and to let us know if a conflict arises. The self-discipline that you will learn in balancing your tasks will help you throughout your life.

Can I sit in with the Band?

ABSOLUTELY! We invite you to bring your instrument to any of our rehearsals. It is the best way to meet the players, to see the types of music that we play and to hear the level of musicianship expected. But it is best to contact us first, to confirm that we will be in that evening.